About DevSkillDojo

We help passionate people build world-class technical teams

Our purpose

DevSkillDojo was founded by Greg Fullard based on a realization that skills for solution development will remain in short supply until we take a hard and honest look at how we treat skills (and skills development) in the tech sector

A detailed treatise of our purpose is documented in this blog article: Defining the DevSkillDojo Purpose, but here's the TLDR:

  • The skills shortage is universal, let's focus on BUILDING skills, instead of putting all our effort into FINDING skills that someone else built
  • The web is filled with amazing learning content from talented content creators. Let's put our energy into making existing content easier to find, rather than just producing more
  • Skills have complex networks on dependencies. If we understand these better, we are able to assemble better learning roadmaps
  • We must stop using "Years of Experience" as a measurement of skill levels


Our suite of products/solutions are carefully assembled to help us reach our purpose. We are building/expanding them using a responsive approach that carefully listens to customer feedback and general movements in the learning marketplace. They include:

DevSkillDojo Skills Ontology

An API-first repository of technology skills that places a heavy emphasis on the interdependencies between skills. This ontology is the basis for all our tools.

DevSkillDojo Skills Manager

An SaaS solution that allows large and small teams to track and manage the skills they have, while correlating it with the skills they actually need.

DevSkillDojo Guided Self Learning

A structured platform that leverages existing learning material, carefully curated and assembled into learning paths based on individual requirements.